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          Sharing 出国留学

          Wolf had unique start to 出国留学 trip as student regent

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          When Wolf made his journey to St. George's University in Grenada, West Indies, he was carrying something extra with his luggage. A big secret.

          Wolf was going to be announced as Gov. Greg Abbot's selection

          该 announcement was just one more golden memory for Wolf on a memorable trip that confirmed to the Midwestern State University junior that he's on the right path to medical school.

          "It was hard keeping that secret," Wolf said. "I told my professors two days before they announced it and it was announced (in May) halfway through my stay."


          He called the experience of 出国留学 "very rewarding." He studied global health and wellness.

          Andrew Wolf captured this view of the sunset in Grenada.
          Andrew Wolf captured this view of the sunset in Grenada.

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          Wolf enjoyed working on his research project and the free time to explore. He's hoping to be able to do an internship in the summer of 2020, similar to his friend and 密歇根州立大学德州 student Matthew Mitchell experienced at the National Institute of Health in 2019. If not, he said he'd jump at a chance to participate in 出国留学 again. He encourages others to try it, too.


          Wolf and Mitchell, from nearby Windthorst and Henrietta, respectively, chose to stay close to home at 密歇根州立大学德州. It sure didn't prevent them from a broad academic experience.

          "Small towns, big dreams," Wolf said.

          出国留学 group in Grenada

          Andrew Wolf, junior, 密歇根州立大学德州

          Andrew Wolf said making friends was the most amazing thing about 出国留学.
          密歇根州立大学德州 student Andrew Wolf said making friends was the most amazing thing about 出国留学.


          This sharing 出国留学 series is in celebration of International Education Week.

          出国留学 program at Midwestern State University has allowed hundreds of students to experience learning in a unique setting.

          The participation for London has surpassed 90 students in three of the last four years. 该 highest enrollment for Spain was 23 in 2018.

          Dr. Michael Mills is the International Education Director at Midwestern State University.

          Dr. Michael Mills with a group from 密歇根州立大学德州 出国留学
          Dr. Michael Mills with a group from MSU Texas 出国留学. (A J Lopez III, 密歇根州立大学德州)



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          Sharing 出国留学

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